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The Top Shades Shop is specialized in the online sale of wooden sunglasses. Wooden sunglasses are a fashion from Europe that we wanted to introduce to everyone from every continent! The Top Shades Shop is a proudly Canadian company that promotes awareness towards the environment by offering products mainly made from natural wood.

All our current collections use bamboo as their construction material. Bamboo, Bambuseae by its scientific name, is a plant that is found mainly in Asia. It’s growth rate can easily be as fast as one meter per day, making it a truly renewable plant.

At the Top Shades Shop, we advocate the international exchange. Whether you are in the United States, Australia or Africa, we can deliver to your door! Do not hesitate to take photos of you with our sunglasses and send them to [email protected]. With your approval, we will post them on our website in the "Clients pictures" (soon available) page.

Do not wait any further and visit our online store!

Thierry Ouellet

Thierry OuelletCo-founder

Thierry Ouellet is the co-founder of the Top Shades Shop. Being aware of the growing popularity of wooden sunglasses in Europe, Thierry had the desire to make them better known to all continents and has therefore decided to found an online store dedicated to the sale of wooden sunglasses.

Having a family member affected by the Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Thierry is a proud supporter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. In this regard, he decided to donate 5$ to the foundation per pair of sunglasses sold online.

Elisabeth Ladouceur

Elisabeth LadouceurCo-founder

Elisabeth Ladouceur is the co-founder of the Top Shades Shop. Passionate about nature and outdoor sports, Elisabeth was looking for a product to sell that combined her passion for nature and trends. Wooden sunglasses were therefore a perfect match!

Expert in administration and management, Elisabeth ensures the proper working of the shop and plans the many events in which we participate.