Why choose Top Shades wood sunglasses? - Top Shades wooden sunglasses
Why choose Top Shades wood sunglasses?

With sunglasses such a common fashion accessory, you probably wonder how Top Shades sunglasses stand out.

Firstly, our wooden sunglasses have been designed to be environmentally responsible using the renewable bamboo tree as our main resource. When mature, bamboo can be renewed for 100 years. It only takes some four to five years to mature, compared with the maple tree that has been growing in your yard for the past 30 years and is only just becoming a respectable size.

Second, the superb quality of our wooden sunglasses. Our lenses are all UV400, which ensures effective protection against UV rays. Along with protecting your eyes, our wooden sunglasses have a highly resistant frame that holds up to daily wear and use as well as offering incomparable comfort.

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